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Winter Snow Storm of 2017

Why are Ice damming Claims so difficult to prove?

It’s because the damage is often concealed in the roofing system and in the walls of the building structure.

Traditionally most claims arising from ice dams have been paid, however insurance companies are a for-profit business and generally don’t hand over money without proof. So they make the policyholder prove their claim and show the damage by filing a claim. The burden of proof is on YOU.

This is where a qualified/licensed public adjuster can assist YOU. When you hire a public adjuster, the burden of proof switches. Now the Insurance Co. has to prove to your public adjuster why they won’t pay the claim.  A public adjuster holds the same license the Insurance company adjuster does. Public adjusters level the playing field. They have their experts. Shouldn’t you? Call me for a free consultation 410-382-00913.


 Q: Do insurance companies cover damage caused by ice damming?

Answer: Yes, the vast majority of policies cover it. Some basic policies may exclude or cap the amount they will pay. They even pay the costs associated with the drying out or remediation of any interior water and repairing the damage caused by the water. A public adjuster can determine your coverages with a quick review of your declarations page of your home owner’s policy.


Q: Should I file a claim for ice damming?

Answer: It depends on your deductible and the extent of the loss and damage.  Aluminum gutters and asphalt shingles are not as expensive to replace as copper gutters and slate shingles. Plaster is more expensive than sheetrock. Hardwood is more expensive than laminate. A public adjuster will provide you with an estimate and help you determine if the claim is worthy of filing. If you file a claim, and it doesn’t meet your deductible you may lose our claims free discount and your rates raised.


Q: Will insurance pay for a new roof due to an ice dam

Answer: It depends. Hire a Public Adjuster before taking the insurance adjusters word for it. Get some estimates. The age and condition of the roof play a significant role in determining complete replacement


Q: What are typical forms of damage done by ice damming to homes?

Answer: The most common damage is water inside walls, ceilings and floors. Water will cause permanent warping of hardwood floors and will damage insulation by diminishing its R-value by as much as 70%. If not fixed, it will cause mold inside the walls, your ceilings to cave in, warp your wood floors, and damage personal property.